Schools and Daycare’s

At Mistershield Pest Management, we have proven experience in keeping unwanted pest from school sites with IPM programs.  These techniques are very safe in addressing these highly sensitive environments.  By choosing us to treat your learning facilities, you will be assured that we bring experienced technicians, who are trained thoroughly and are certified in the pest control industry standards.

What We Do:

We will first inspect the site, draw a graph and mark the area’s of entry of that particular pest if there are conducive conditions that harbor the pest (ex. food, water and shelters).  We will strategize the form of action to be taken after this condition has been established.  Eventually this will allow Mistershield to eliminate the pest efficiently.


At Mistershield Pest Management we are experienced in providing effective roach, rodent, and flying insects control.  Although these pests can be found, sometimes; in one location, we can provide the treatment according to that particular need and can be tailored separately with different treatments.

We also have cleaning programs that utilize special detergents to remove those stubborn, gunk and plaque.  For a minimum fee, this can be incorporated into the Monthly Pest Control fee.  This is very effective and customers are very pleased with the level of cleanliness.